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Coronavirus and childcare in your own home

Home childcarers (nannies) are permitted to care for children in the families’ own home, as long as neither household has any symptoms of Covid-19.

All of our home childcarers have had training to ensure the safety and well-being of families and home childcarers during the Coronavirus pandemic. For more information about our Covid-19 safety measures, please visit our Covid-19 FAQs at the bottom of the page.

A flexible childcare solution

Parents looking for a flexible solution for childcare after school can use our home childcare service (nannies). As the care is provided in the family’s own home,  parents can access it for extended hours care to fit in with their working hours. 

Children enjoy being at home because it more relaxed than staying at school. The care is personalised to the needs of the children and family. 

Ideal childcare if you need flexible childcare for 2 or more children!

Home childcare is ideal if you have multiple children who would benefit from being cared for at home after school. 

It is also suitable for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who would do well from one-to-one care to meet their individual needs.

A diverse range of home childcarers

Our home childcarers are generally aged between 19 and 70. They are often students or sometimes mature people who can work the hours needed after school. Some can offer a variety of skills and experience such as bilingual skills, special educational needs experience or sports enthusiasts.  

Home childcarers are generally available for 2 – 3 hours after school, on average 3 days each week.  

Get help with the cost of your childcare

As we are Ofsted registered, you can access funding such as childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare to help with the cost. Our home childcarers are hired by us so we are responsible for their payroll liabilities including holiday pay, PAYE, national insurance etc. This makes it affordable and hassle-free for you!  

Our home childcare service is available in Nottingham, DerbySheffield and some Leicestershire areas.

“Having flexible care is important to us and I think having children looked after at home is extremely beneficial. @Home Childcare has been able to provide good quality carers that our children like to interact with.”

J. Sensier

FAQs about Coronavirus and childcare in your home:

Families are permitted to have home childcarers in their homes as long as it is safe to do so. In other words, there are no Covid-19 symptoms from either household, the families’ or the home childcarer’s.

The Department for Education states: 

“The Government has amended its guidance to clarify that paid childcare can be provided to the children of one household in any circumstance. This would include nannies, for example, and childminders may also choose to provide childcare on this basis if not already providing care for vulnerable children and children of critical workers. This should enable more working parents to return to work.”

All of @HCC’s home childcarers follow the government’s various guidance applicable for working in other people’s homes, as well as the specific rules for nannies and social distancing.

As always, we aim to match families to home childcarer who live or study as close to their local area as possible. If they have to travel to your home, we encourage them to walk or cycle. Within reason. If a carer has to use public transport, it is mandatory that they wear a face covering to minimise the risk of Covid-19 spreading. We also advise them to use hand sanitiser before they enter the bus and when they leave public transport.

First and foremost, we strongly stress to our carers and families that communication is paramount whilst we are living through these unprecedented times. It is vital carers understand that they will need to talk to you regularly about healthy and safety routines indoors and outdoors, this includes the walking to and from school and the carer’s own commute into work.

As part of our home childcare health & safety training, we ensure carers understand our Covid-19 policy including the government’s guidance and a risk assessment for infection control of Coronavirus. This includes the following:  

  • Regular handwashing
  • Regular self-testing, as per the government’s guidance 
  • Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible so outdoor play in the garden is a recommended
  • Well-ventilated rooms by keeping windows and doors open
  • Carers to have their own hand sanitisers to use with children regularly, if required
  • Follow the school rules for pick-up and drop-off at school, if applicable e.g. staggered start and finish times
  • Undertake a specific accredited Covid-19 and infection control training
  • Training on age appropriate play routines/activities to do with children after school
  • Regular access to their advisor via telephone, email and video who is available to provide support at all times

Please note, face coverings are not recommended in the home as there are other ways of minimising risk than using face masks. Also, it can be problematic for children with special needs or medical conditions, as well as limiting non-verbal communication between the carer and children.

However, on occasions, the carer might have a good reason for wishing to wear a face covering. We recommend that face covering and other safety measures are discussed with the carer regularly and especially during the settling in process, so that both parties know what to expect.

Other FAQs

We operate a minimum hour policy of at least 2 hours per session/8 hours per week term time. This helps us to recruit and retain suitable people who know they can earn a reliable income.  

We want to find finding the right childcare to suit your family’s needs as easy as possible. The process is as follows:  

  • Register for free to see the range of home childcarers we normally employ on a worker basis
  • We will then schedule a call to discuss your childcare needs in more detail  
  • You then pay an initial deposit of £42. This is an advancement of the deposit you pay when/if you decide to use our childcare service. The deposit is a contribution towards our initial cost in arranging childcare for you. It is non-refundable so you need to be certain that you are interested in our services.  
  • If you are happy to proceed, we arrange a convenient time for a family visit where one of our coordinators meets with you and your family to assess your childcare needs and to discuss the service in more detail.  
  • After the family visit, if you are happy to proceed, we then will search our database for suitable candidates and, once we have found you a potential suitable childcarer for your children, we will have a telephone conversation with you to check that the candidate match your needs. If you are happy to meet the candidate, we will arrange for the childcare to meet your family at your home. 

There is only the hourly rate to pay. Nothing else! The hourly rate covers everything including recruitment, payroll, pensions, holiday pay etc.  

The hourly rate is calculated on a sliding scale based on the number children needing care. Our flat hourly rate fees are:  

  • £13 per hour for a family needing childcare for 2 children  
  • £14 per hour for a family needing childcare for 3 children

The hourly fee is discounted if you need to use 12 – 16 hours of childcare each week.  

As we are Ofsted registered, you can pay with childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare. You can also access universal credit and student finance to help with the cost.

Day care depends how many hours you needed. The majority of our home childcarers are only available for short hours care due to other commitments. However, some are occasionally available for 1 or 2 full days. It is worthwhile asking the question at the enquiry stage. 

Before school care is available as a special request at a slightly higher hourly rate.

Most of our home childcares are only available to work 2 – 3 days after school sessions per week. It is not unheard of for some carers to have the capacity to work more days/hours, so if you need more than the recommended 2 or 3 days, please ask the question at the enquiry stage.   

Our  home childcarers all have face2face interviews, DBS and references checked. As an Ofsted registered regulator ourselves, we have stringent vetting procedures and we always conduct a face2face interview with candidates to assess their suitability and to see copies of original ID documents and qualification certificates.  

As a government approved training provider, we regularly deliver professional childcare training, including Level 2 – 5 qualification courses, to practitioners such as childminders, nursery workers, teaching assistants and nannies. Ongoing training is a requirement for people who work with children as regular training is instrumental in driving up quality to improve outcomes for children. 

For our home childcarers, regular training is a condition of employment as is vital in assuring the quality of our childcare service. As the training is delivered online, it is easy for educators to access it.  

The following training is mandatory for our home childcarers:    

  • Paediatric First Aid course  
  • Home-based childcare training covering core skills and knowledge i.e. safeguarding and the protection of children and health and safety 
  • Food Safety  

In addition, home childcarers can take advantage of our free monthly Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training on topics such as promoting positive behaviour.  

As we regulate home-based childcare professionals on behalf of Ofsted, our standards of care are exceptionally high, especially as the nanny sector is mostly unregulated.  We monitor carers through our progress review process and we keep in touch with parents to ensure they are happy with the standards of care too. 

Most of our after-school carers do not drive or own a car. There are exceptions but it is rare. If you are interested in a driver for this type of childcare, we recommend using public transport. If you definitely need a driver, we will inform you at the initial enquiry stage if it is feasible. 

Over the 15 years we have been providing this service, the one thing we consistently emphasise to both parents and childcarers is that the flexibility needs to work for both parties. Ideally, this means both the childcarer and families offering some flexibility. For parents, it might be flexibility with your days or not insisting on a driver if you can cope without one, and for childcarers it might mean happily working earlier or later on some days. We always try to manage expectations by explaining what is achievable and realistic at the enquiry stage.

We operate in areas where we know we can find carers readily available to work short hours, so in areas with good transport links to the city centre. We operate in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield and areas bordering these areas. We will inform you at the enquiry stage if we operate in your area. 

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