Free training and specialist support to set up a childminding business

Setting up a childminder early education business during Covid-19

Want to set up a childminder early education business but you are unsure about how to make a start, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Our Full Support Start-Up Service provided by our Ofsted childminder agency covers everything for setting up during a recession and business support for taking the stress out of running a home-based childcare service.

To get started, book our FREE Starting a Childminder Early Education webinar below. There are various weekday & evening dates to choose from. 

Please note, the webinar is aimed at people wishing to start their business within the next 2 – 3 months. 

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Would you like to be part of a professional home-based childcare community?

Join our childminder agency, an Ofsted registered community, for free support and training to set up an early education business in your own home!

Setting up an early education business to care for children at home is rewarding, lucrative and valued career. Best of all, high quality childcare can make a positive difference to the lives of children! 

Unsure about running your own business?

We provide full step-by-step support and training to set up a business in 2 – 3 months. We also help you with marketing to find parents looking for childcare. Once registered, your income could be typically £25k – £35k per annum, depending on your business capacity, and you will continue to receive on-going support and training as a member of our professional community 

And all of the training and support are free, as long as you register for our full support service and you are 100% genuinely wanting a career helping young children to learn and develop in a safe home environment 

With our 15 years experience of supporting and training educators to work in the early yearsyou know you are in safe hands. 

Our 2020 Ofsted report acknowledges the high level of support childminders receive:

“Childminders receive support in other forms which is over and above the legal requirements. They confirm they can seek ad hoc support at any time and the agency is easy to contact.

Our full start-up support and training service includes all of the following:

  1. Initial home visit to check your home and provide advice
  2. Step-by-step business planning including home learning coursework
  3. 2 days of pre-registration training (face2face) and some online training
  4. Paediatric First Aid training (subject to certain conditions)
  5. Online Food Safety training
  6. A toolkit with essential policies/procedures, consent forms, contracts etc
  7. Telephone & email support with the registration process
  8. Profile webpage to help you find parents interested in childcare
  9. Registration inspection, a 3 – 4 hours home visit
  10. Insurance
  11. Final registration certificate: you are an educator!

But, don’t take our word for it!

Listen to what some of our educators, some who have been registered with us for 5 years, have to say about what it means to be a member of our childminder agency community. 

We are in Nottinghamshire, Derby, Leicestershire, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol* and Swindon. 

*Funded training is not available in Bristol areas. 

Just in case you’ve got these FAQs in mind…..

As long as you commit to registering  within 2 - 3 months of commencing the start-up process with us, we will fund the biggest cost of setting your business which is the start-up training.  The fees you will need to pay are as follows: 

  1. £75 as a co-funded contribution towards the training, if you are not on benefits such as universal credit. This is a contribution towards the funded course which is worth £750;  
  2. £75 towards the cost of the registration process; 
  3. Your suitability checks fees; 
  4. Essential safety items needed for your house such as stair gates.

That’s it! We even pay for unfunded training such as Paediatric First Aid & Food Safety. We help fund your start-up to enable you to set up your business. We also provide free on-going training, support and regulation once you are registered. 

The on-going service is also free!  Once registered, you will benefit from our full support service which includes a personal mentor to provide guidance and support, regular training, continuous marketing of your business, annual inspections, legislation updates, continuous regulation, plus loads more! 

It’s simple! We want to empower more people to set up early education businesses in their own homes.  As a community interest company, we have a social mission to remove the barriers that prevent suitable, capable people from registering as childminder educators. That’s why we fund your start-up to help you launch your business and reach parents looking for childcare. 

It is essentially a business-to-business service as we give you continuous support, training and regulation, thus enabling you to provide a  Good, and in some cases, Outstanding childcare service. We pay you to deliver this service, and our unfunded costs and on-going overheads are paid by parents using your childcare service. Your hourly/day rate is not affected by our fee to parents.  

Our educators come from a range of different backgrounds and careers such as: teaching assistants, social work, nursing, retail, HR, nursery professionals, elderly care, as well as parents and grandparents. 

The ideal person is someone who: 

  • Loves being with children; you get a buzz helping them learn and develop  
  • Happy to provide care in your own home, and can create a nurturing, safe place for children to thrive 
  • Would love to do something for yourself; you like the idea of having a childcare business at home, but would rather have the full support of an expert company, who are only a telephone call away, and can provide everything-under-one-roof service to help you grow and develop
  • Understand early years is the most important stage in a child’s life where high quality childcare can enrich children lives and have a positive impact that lasts a lifetime 
  • Understand good levels of English and Maths are essential for delivering the early years curriculum and running a business 

Absolutely, we are simply here to act as your ‘back-office’ support with helping to find parents to use your service, enrolling parents, fee collection, dealing with parents who do not pay, administering early education funding and lots more. You remain in charge of your business including parents/children you wish to work with, your opening hours, the structure of your day, the kind of activities you offer etcWe encourage you to brand your business by giving it a name so that it reflects your personal values and ethos 


As an Ofsted community, we also have a duty to provide support and regulation to enable you to provide the best possible service you can. That’s why we give you a personal mentor and provide on-going training and annual inspections. It’s a no-brainer in several ways as you obtain expert guidance and training to build a thriving childcare business, whilst being a member of a professional community who are always here for you.  

Childminding can be a lucrative career if it is set up and implemented as a professional business. Your earnings can be anything from £25k – £35k/£40k, depending on your location, your occupancy of children and range of childcare services you provide. We help you to find parents looking for childcare by providing marketing assistance, enabling you to have good numbers of children on roll. We take care of your balance sheet by making sure parents continually pay your fees. 

Get started now for full support to join @HCC's community

Get started now for full support to join @HCC's community