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Our childminder early educators are trusted to provide the very best care and early learning to children. We are confident about the high quality of our educators’ childcare because we personally recruit, register, support, train and inspect them on behalf of Ofsted. 

Educators are regularly supported and monitored to ensure they are meeting the highest standards. They are supported by specialist mentors and inspectors who provide professional advice to ensure learning activities are challenging your child’s skills, knowledge and interests. Most importantly, our educators are inspected annually which is more frequent that the 6 years that other childminders educators get.

We have educators like Helen throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Sheffield.

Our service to you

If you are looking for childcare with a family feel, that is an alternative to large group care provided in nurseries, you have come to right place! Our childcare family community provides:  

Small numbers of children, up to 3 young children during the day, and then up to 6 after school
One trusted, key person providing care and early education for your child; this means they are more likely to build a close, long-lasting relationship together
Safe, nurturing home environments that are regularly checked by mentors and inspectors 
Early learning and care that is personalised to the needs of your child
Flexible learning where children to access fun outdoor learning and suitable community amenities, without the limitations of staff-to-child ratios of nurseries 
Flexible provisions as many of our educators offer opening hours to match your working hours
Affordable care as you can use tax-free childcare, vouchers, universal credit, as well as funded hours for 2, 3 and 4 years to help keep the cost down.

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