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Our Philosophy

We believe children develop and thrive when they are cared for in stimulating, nurturing home environments where their needs and security come first. We want your child to feel safe and cherished in welcoming, supportive childcare settings where they can explore new learning experiences with a warm family feel.

Central to our values are positive, caring relationships with one consistent caregiver because children are more likely to thrive in homely settings with small numbers of children, where they feel secure and loved.

Play-based learning to help children flourish

Our registered childminder early educators promote children’s learning and development by allowing them to have adventures doing what they enjoy: singing, laughing, baking, messy play, climbing, dancing, reading and exploring nature outdoors in their local community.

"Children form secure attachments with their childminders and appear happy in their care... ..Premises used for care provide warm and welcoming learning environments.Childminders are supported to meet the individual needs of the children in their care."

Ofsted inspection report February 2020

Childcare you can trust

Childminders are  home early educators who provide care and education in their own homes. They are mirco-businesses offering home-from-home childcare in small ratios/groups. 

Over the past 15 years, we have nurtured a community viewed by its members as a  family of like-minded childcare professionals, all with a common interest of enriching children’s lives. 


High Standards that excel Ofsted’s requirements

Our community is quality assured because registered educators receive on-going support, accredited training and, perhaps most importantly, annual  inspections, which are more frequent than other childminders educators.   

Educators are regularly supported and monitored to ensure they are meeting the highest standards. They are supported by specialist mentors and inspectors who provide professional advice to ensure learning activities are challenging your child’s skills, knowledge and interests. 

We have registered educators in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Sheffield and in some Birmingham, Swindon and Bristol areas.

Our service to you

If you are looking for childcare with a family feel, that is an alternative to large group care provided in nurseries, you have come to right place! Our childcare family community provides:  

Small numbers of children, up to 3 young children during the day, and then up to 6 after school
One trusted, key person providing care and early education for your child; this means they are more likely to build a close, long-lasting relationship together
Safe, nurturing home environments that are regularly checked by mentors and inspectors 
Early learning and care that is personalised to the needs of your child
Flexible learning where children to access fun outdoor learning and suitable community amenities, without the limitations of staff-to-child ratios of nurseries 
Flexible provisions as many of our educators offer opening hours to match your working hours
Affordable care as you can use tax-free childcare, vouchers, universal credit, as well as funded hours for 2, 3 and 4 years to help keep the cost down.

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