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Coronavirus: Childcare for Key Workers

In these challenging times, we must all maintain the government’s policies for social distancing and self-isolation to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to save lives.

Although some of our childminder early educators are closed, and our home childcarers are following the stay-at-home policy, we still have some home-based childcare that is open to key workers and vulnerable children. If you are a parent who works in a critical job role, please get in touch to discuss your childcare needs.

Thinking of working with children as a childminder early educator or home childcarer?

Once the coronavirus threat is over, there will be a need for high quality childcare again. If you genuinely want to work with children and would like to set up an early education business in your own home, or if you interested in part-time nanny work, please get in touch as we can start the process now so you will be ready to start work when the country switches back on.

Home-growing children

Welcome to our home-based childcare community, where we cherish and enrich children’s lives!  

We are an Ofsted registered community of professional childcare providers. We have been home-growing children with our form of nurturing childcare for fifteen years. We believe children develop and thrive when they are cared for in safe and stimulating home environments where their needs and security come first. 

We think more families should be able to experience the benefits of home early education settings to enable their child to reach their full potential.

"Childminders applicants are fully prepared for the responsibility of running a business and providing care and education for children in their own home. The agency has high aspirations for the childminders it registers."​

We are thrilled with our Ofsted inspection report. It is a confirmation of our high standards of care and early education, all in the best interests of children. 

Ofsted inspection report 2020

The best of both childcare worlds

  • We register two types of home-based childcare which means you can choose whether to use: 
  • Childminders, whom we call home early educators (educators for short), in recognition of their specialist role providing care and early education to children in a safe home setting. Educators run their own independent businesses, with some support from us.
  • Home Childcarers (nannies) who provide part-time childcare, mainly before and/or after school, in families’ own homes. We employ home childcarers so you don’t have to.

How our childcare works​

Whether you are using our educators’ or home childcarers, we made the family matching process as easy as possible, simply visit our new Find Childcare page to view childcare available near you, or you contact us and find a suitable childcare.

Annual quality assurance inspections

Our registered educators are inspected on an annual basis to check the quality of care and education . They also receive regular support visits and accredited training to ensure high standards are continually maintained.

Educators are supported by specialist mentors and inspectors who provide expert advice about children’s learning and development. Parents have peace of mind knowing their child is being cared for by an educator who is supported to provide high quality childcare by an Ofsted registered community. 

Training to start a home early education business

"Pre-registration training is comprehensive and prepares childminders well." Ofsted inspection report 2020

Join our Ofsted registered community to get free start-up support to become a childminder early educator!

@Home Childcare has helped over 100 educators set and develop an early education service at home.

We provide full step-by-step guidance and training to set up your business in 2 – 3 months. Whether you are an experienced early years professional, or just starting out in the childcare sector, we love to support you with your dream career. 


Unsure about setting up a business during these Covid-19 times?

We understand the pitfalls of self-employment so we can advise you about how to set up a professional business that minimises risks. Our business support service also provides protection as we are responsible for fee collection and dealing with parents.

Our free step-by-step support and training saves you £100s in start-up fees, and we  also help you with marketing to find parents looking for childcare.

Free continuous training and support, once registered

Our on-going training and support is free of charge, once you are registered. This includes funded nationally recognised Level 2 and 3 qualifications.

Have a question for us?

If you have a question about anything, big or small, no matter what it is, we’d love to hear from you! Just press the button below, fill out the form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.