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If you’re passionate about helping children develop and thrive, we can help you launch your new career as a registered childminder early educator.

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We’ve built a community of professional home-based childminders who are trusted to provide the very best care and early learning support to the children they work with.

Funded training and support to start your new home-based childcare business

If you share our passion for helping children reach their full potential, working as a childminder early educator could be a career for you.

Childminders are highly skilled professionals who provide care and learning for other people’s children in their own homes. They play a vital role in delivering early years education to help improve the outcomes of the children they work with.

It’s an extremely rewarding career and is within your reach.

Our unique approach will empower you to create your own business providing quality home-based childcare and early education, within 2-3 months. We’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become an outstanding childminder.

Our high-quality training programmes can also help you establish and maintain a sustainable and profitable childcare business.

Quality childcare to help your children thrive

We’ve built an award-winning community of professional, Ofsted-registered home-based childminders who are trusted to provide the very best care and early learning support to the children they work with.

We personally recruit, register, support, train and inspect them on behalf of Ofsted, so you can be sure they work to the highest standards to provide exceptional, quality-assured care to your child.

All our registered childminders share our passion for developing positive, enriching, caring relationships with small numbers of children in safe and comfortable home-based settings.

It means your child can develop at their own pace by learning while doing what they enjoy. 

"Childminders applicants are fully prepared for the responsibility of running a business and providing care and education for children in their own home. The agency has high aspirations for the childminders it registers."​

As an Ofsted-registered childminder agency, we’re inspected by Ofsted every three years to ensure we continue to provide a high-quality service that helps the next generation of childminder early educators to raise standards across the industry. Our most recent report celebrates the dedication and many strengths of our business and our childminder educator community. It confirms our high standards of care and early education, all in the best interests of children.

Ofsted inspection report 2020

Shaping the future of early years childcare

@Home Childcare is an Ofsted-registered Childminder Agency (CMA) dedicated to improving the quality and professionalism of home-based childcare providers.

We’re on a mission to make high-quality childcare accessible to more families by equipping childminder early educators with the skills and expertise they need to help the children they work with reach their full potential.

Find the right childcare

We register two types of professional childcare providers which means you can choose whether to use:

How our childcare works​

Whether you are using our childminder educators or home childcarers, we've made the process as simple as possible. To find childcare that's right for you and your family, visit our online Find Childcare directory to meet the childminders available near you, or contact us to find a suitable childcare.

Meet our childminders

At @Home Childcare, we're passionate about helping children thrive by providing quality training to raise standards across the childcare industry and help people embark on rewarding new careers as childminder early educators. Check out some of their stories and video testimonials.

Annual quality assurance inspections

Our registered educators are inspected annually to check the quality of care and education they provide. They also receive regular support visits and accredited training to ensure high standards are continually maintained.

Our educators are supported by specialist mentors and inspectors who provide expert advice about children’s learning and development. 

This gives you the peace of mind knowing your child is being cared for by an educator who is supported to provide high-quality childcare by an Ofsted registered community. 

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