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As an Ofsted-registered childminder agency, we’re inspected by Ofsted every three years to ensure that we continue to provide a high-quality service that helps the next generation of childminder early educators to raise standards across the industry.

Our most recent report celebrates the dedication and many strengths of our business and our childminder educator community. It confirms our high standards of care and early education, all in the best interests of children.

Highlights include

Childminders are fully prepared for the responsibility of running a business and providing care and education for children in their own home. The agency has high aspirations for the childminders it registers.

Children form secure attachments with their childminders and appear happy in their care. Premises used for care provide warm and welcoming learning environments.”

Childminders communicate clearly with parents about their children to promote consistency in learning at home. Parents spoken to confirmed that they were very happy with the care provided.”

Quality support and training

Targeted training and support for childminders, provided by the agency, successfully brings about improvement.

Childminders praise the agency for the regular support that it offers and the reassurance this affords them in knowing they are ‘doing it right’.

Childminders receive support in other forms which is over and above the legal requirements. Childminders confirm that they can seek ad hoc support at any time and the agency is easy to contact.

Ofsted approves our quality assurance

Childminders report that they find annual quality assurance visits useful as they celebrate what they do well, and to help them identify where they need to improve.

Judgments given at annual quality assurance visits are accurate.

Quality assurance activities undertaken by the agency enable it to assess whether childminders support children’s learning and development well and find out what is being done to help them catch up in their learning.

The full report

Click to read the full 2020 Ofsted inspection report

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