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Quality home-based childcare to help your children thrive.

About our childcare

Children develop, thrive and grow when they’re cared for in stimulating, nurturing home environments where their needs and security come first.

At @Home Childcare, we’ve built a community of professional home-based childminders who are trusted to provide the very best care and early learning support to the children they work with.

We personally recruit, register, support, train and inspect them on behalf of Ofsted, so you can be sure they work to the highest standards to provide exceptional, quality-assured care to your child.

All our registered childminders share our passion for developing positive, enriching, caring relationships with small numbers of children in safe and comfortable home-based settings.

It means your child can develop at their own pace by learning while doing what they enjoy –  singing, dancing, reading, laughing, climbing, baking, messy play and outdoor adventures.

To find an @Home Childcare childminder in your area, check out our childcare directory.

How our childcare works

Over the past 15 years, we’ve nurtured a community of professional childminder early educators with a shared passion for enriching children’s lives.

They provide high-quality care and education in their own homes to support local children and their families.

All our registered childminders receive ongoing support, accredited training and annual inspections to ensure they are meeting the highest standards. They’re supported by specialist mentors and inspectors who provide professional advice to ensure learning activities challenge your child’s skills, knowledge, and interests to help them develop and thrive.  

We have registered educators in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Sheffield, Birmingham, Swindon and Bristol.

Our childminder community provides:

The best of both worlds

All our childminders are early educators who provide care and education in their own homes.

However, we also offer a flexible home childcare service, where the care is provided in your own home and can fit around your working hours. The care is personalised to the needs of each child, and they’ll enjoy learning at home because it’s more relaxed than staying at school.

Home childcare is ideal if you have multiple children who would benefit from being cared for at home after school. It’s also suitable for children with special educational needs who would benefit from specialist one-to-one care to meet their individual needs.

Complete peace of mind

We register all our childminders on behalf of Ofsted, so you can be confident that the service they provide will be quality-assured, and they’ll have your child’s best interests at heart.

We have numerous ways of keeping in touch with you to ensure you never miss anything to do with your child’s care, for complete peace of mind.

You can keep in touch with your childminder via our EYFS App, where they can message you about your child’s day, their learning journey, daily activities, food intake and much more.

Our app enables you to understand your child’s learning and development in real-time. You can even contribute to your child’s learning by including your own photos and recording the progress your child is making with their learning milestones at home.

And your childminder’s mentor will regularly keep in touch with you via phone, email or text to provide updates about your bill, inspections, training and any other news.

Any questions?

If you have a question about any of our childminder or home childcare services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.