Become a childminder early educator

If you’re passionate about helping children develop and thrive with your own childminding business, we’re here to support you. With high-quality training, one-to-one business mentoring and a large community of like-minded professionals, we can help you launch your new career.

Start your own childcare business

If you share our passion for helping children reach their full potential, working as a childminder early educator could be a career for you.

Childminders are highly skilled professionals who provide care and learning for other people’s children in their own homes. They also play a vital role in delivering early years education to help improve the outcomes of the children they work with.

It’s an extremely rewarding career and is within your reach.

As well as equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to become an outstanding childminder, our high-quality training programmes can also help you establish and maintain a sustainable and profitable childcare business.

Our unique approach will empower you to create your own business providing quality home-based childcare and early education. We focus on providing all the fundamentals you need to succeed, including marketing, compliance, business administration and finance.

At the end of our programme, you’ll be a registered childminder with the skills and experience you need to provide high quality childcare services to your community and make a positive impact on the lives of local children.

We have opportunities in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Sheffield & South Yorkshire areas, Birmingham and Bristol. Our new locations are South Manchester, West Yorkshire, Worcestershire & Hull/Humberside. 

To get started, book onto our free live webinar to find out more about starting and registering your new business. And for more information about becoming a childminder early educator, click on the link below. 

Why become a childminder?

There are many reasons to become a childminder early educator, including:

Make a living while making a difference

You can earn a living while helping children grow, develop and thrive. With average salaries ranging between £25,000–£35,000 per year, it’s an extremely rewarding career.

The freedom of running your own business

Get a career with freedom and flexibility, with complete step-by-step support and training to set up your childcare business in 2-3 months and ongoing mentoring to help it grow. 

A career you can run from the comfort of home

You can shape your business from home and turn it into a safe, nurturing and enriching environment where children can learn and develop essential skills to set them up for life. 

Why @Home Childcare?

We’re an award-winning Ofsted Childminder Agency. We provide funded start-up training to help you become a registered childminder early educator and set up your new childcare business in 2-3 months. We can also help you to raise your profile and find parents looking for childcare in your area.

And you’ll continue to receive ongoing support and training as a member of our professional childminder community. We offer different start-up services to match the preferred level of support you need to set up and run your own home-based childcare business. Our Full Support Services also include ongoing business and marketing support to help lighten the load of running your own business.

Our Support Services

Depending on which level of support you choose, our start-up service includes some or all of the following

About our childminder

Funded pre-registration
start-up training

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Just in case you’ve got these FAQs in mind…..

If you choose to register with us, there is a contribution fee of £225 to pay towards your registration costs which covers such as support with the start-up process including an 1-2-1 session, our suitability checks, paediatric first aid (if completed in Nottingham) or free insurance, food safety training, telephone & email support and a 2 – 3 hours registration visit at your home.

Depending on eligibility criteria, we can generally fully or partially fund the biggest cost of setting your childminder business. The government funded start-up training is worth over £750. The course is delivered as live webinars and comes with business planning support and a tutor who guides you through the start-up process. Other start-up benefits include a free profile web page to advertise your vacancies and a toolkit of essentials such as policies, contract, risk assessments, plus lots more.

We are careful about who we fund for the pre-registration training. We are interested in people who are keen to set up in 2 – 4 months and are passionate about having a profitable childminder business providing the highest standards of early education and care. You can choose from our standard package designed for people who only wish to access our core service, without additional business support. Or, if you would like a 'helping hand' with setting up and running their business; you can opt for the full support service.

The on-going fee depends on which service you choose: standard or full support. The standard service is charged as a monthly membership fee is £35, plus a very small nominal fee per child, per month, which you decide how to charge to parents. For example, you can include it in your hourly rate as a few extra pence. If you opt for full support, the fee is charged to parents as part of your inclusive hourly rate which always remains as a flat rate, not based on your total earnings.

You can choose from our standard package designed for people who only wish to access our core quality improvement support service, without additional business support. Or, if you would like a 'helping hand' with the running of your business; you can opt for the full support service which comes with online marketing assistance (paid ads to help fill your vacancies), administering the early education funding and lots, lots more.  

As a community interest company, our social mission to remove the barriers that prevent suitable, capable people from registering as childminder educators. That’s why we fund so much of your start-up to help you launch your home-based childcare service and reach parents looking for childcare. We want to empower more people to set up and run professional childcare businesses in their own homes.

Our on-going quality improvement support is designed to support educators to be the best that you can for children you care for. This is precisely why we provide face-2-face support. We understand how important is to see you in-person, thus enabling us to observe you with children and provide specialist advice about your early years skills and knowledge.


Our educators come from a range of different backgrounds and careers such as: teaching assistants, social work, nursing, retail, HR, nursery professionals, elderly care, as well as parents and grandparents. 

The ideal person is someone who: 

  • Loves being with children; you get a buzz helping them learn and develop  
  • Happy to provide care in your own home, and can create a nurturing, safe place for children to thrive 
  • Would love to do something for yourself; you like the idea of having a childcare business at home, but would rather have the full support of an expert company, who are only a telephone call away, and can provide everything-under-one-roof service to help you grow and develop
  • Specifically likes the idea of having a company who provides extensive start-up and on-going business support to help you set up and run a sustainable business
  • Understand early years is the most important stage in a child’s life where high quality childcare can enrich children lives and have a positive impact that lasts a lifetime 
  • Understand good levels of English and Maths are essential for delivering the early years curriculum and running a business 

You remain in charge of your business including parents/children you wish to work with, your opening hours, the structure of your day, the kind of activities you offer, the fees you decide to charge etc. We encourage you to brand your business by giving it a name so that it reflects your personal values and ethos.

We are simply here to provide support to help you be the best childminder you can be, thus assisting you to provide amazing early learning experiences for children and to help you understand the mandatory requirements of your role. That’s our main job! If you choose our full support service designed to give you a helping hand with running your business, you will also benefit from business / admin support such as finding parents to use your service, enrolling parents, fee collection and dealing with parents who do not pay and lots more.

Childminding can be a lucrative career if it is set up and run as a professional business. Your earnings can be anything from £25k – £35k/£40k, depending on your location, your occupancy of children and range of childcare services you provide. We help you to find parents looking for childcare by providing marketing assistance, enabling you to have good numbers of children on roll. If you use our full support service, we safeguard your income by making sure parents continually pay your fees.

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