Childcare social enterprise provides new ways for childminders to register for free!

Nottingham, UK – 3rd December 2019

A Nottingham community interest company is breathing new life into the childminding sector by offering childminders varied routes to re-train as home early educators.

@Home Childcare (@HCC) is an Ofsted registered community of professional childminders. The company is launching a recruitment drive to get more people to become professional childminders.

@HCC calls childminders home early educators (educators, for short) in recognition of their specialist role providing early education to children in a safe home environment. The overwhelming majority of the 75 registered educators within their community are rated Outstanding and Good. “They are definitely not babysitters; they are operating mini nurseries in their own homes,” says Yvette.

“They are definitely not babysitters; they are operating mini nurseries in their own homes,” says Yvette.

@HCC are aiming to thwart the declining numbers of childminders. There is a continuing downward trend of childminders. There has been a loss of 500 childminders already between March and August of this year alone.

@HCC are addressing the shortfall by offering new routeways into the profession. Chief executive, Yvette Oliver-Mighten, believes childminding needs diversifying to entice new entrants to set up childcare businesses. “We want to help suitable people to set up sustainable businesses that match their aspirations of running a successful business. Our full support service means we take care of business matters such as online marketing, enrolling new parents and providing funded childcare places. The educator can then focus on the core service, caring for children. Re-training is either free for the unwaged or co-funded if you are currently employed.”

Rather than go it alone, educators can choose be part of a professional community where they can gain benefits such as early years qualifications, support and training with the early years curriculum and personal mentors. Annual inspections are the game changer. “Parents like the fact that educators within our community are inspected every year. It gives them extra peace of mind knowing there is a specialist company regularly monitoring educators and who is available to resolve any issues.”

Registering as an educator is a complex process taking several months but, as @HCC is Ofsted registered themselves, educators are guided through the process resulting in much quicker registrations. The process includes health and safety checks of their homes, various suitability checks including DBSs for the educator and anyone over the age of 16 who lives with them and, once registered, they undergo unannounced annual inspections.

So, what does the ideal educator look like?

“Our educators come from a range of different backgrounds and careers, such as or teaching assistants, social work, nursing, retail, HR, nursery professionals, elderly care, as well as parents and grandparents. As long as you are committed to helping children flourish and are happy to use your home to create a stimulating, nurturing environment for children, we love to hear from you. We will guide you through the process and provide the training and support you need.”

Yvette Oliver-Mighten

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