How our childcare service works

Whether you are using our educators or home childcarers, we made the family matching process as easy as possible, whilst ensuring you receive all the information you need. The process is:  

  • You contact us to find a suitable childcare or visit our new Find Childcare page to view childcare available near you.
  • When we receive your enquiry, we telephone to give you some initial information and to find out more about your childcare needs. 
  • We then ask the educator to contact you to arrange an initial visit to visit the home setting to see if the childcare is right for you. 

Fully supported educators

If the home setting you choose is an educator who benefits from our full back-office business support, we take over the enrolment procedure. This involves us arranging a meeting to enrol your child, explain policies and answer your questions.  The full business support educators receive means they can spend more time caring for your child, without being overburdened with paperwork. 

After school childcare in your own home

If you need after school childcare in your own home to fit in with your working hours, we will telephone you for an initial chat about your childcare needs once we receive your enquiry. If you wish to proceed, a family visit is arranged to meet you at your home to assess your childcare needs in further detail and meet your children. We then find a suitable home childcarer match that we recommend to you.   

Best of both childcare worlds

We offer the best of both home-based childcare worlds by giving you the choice of educators or home childcare. The difference between the two is that educators are independent professionals (childminders) running their own service, and some  educators receive extra support with business processes from us 

Whereas, home childcarers are hired by us so we are responsible for their payroll liabilities such as holiday pay, PAYE, induction training etc. It is a more hassle free way of having a ‘nanny.’ 

Both types of childcare come under our quality assured umbrella so, once everything is confirmed, your child can begin benefiting from Ofsted approved childcare.  

Keeping in touch is easy peasy!

It’s easy because we have numerous ways of keeping in contact with you:

  • The educator’s visiting mentor will contact you via phone, email or text from time to time to provide updates about your bill, inspections, training and other news.
  • Your educator will keep in touch via our EYFS App where they can message you about your child’s day such as your child’s learning journey, daily diary, meals and food intake and much more. The app enables you to understand your child’s learning and development on a more regular and real-time basis. You can even contribute to your child’s learning by including your own photos, showing the progress your child is making with their learning milestones. 

Want to find childcare near you?

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