Terms and Conditions

Please contact @Home Childcare directly for a full copy of our Terms & Conditions.

  1. The client agrees to pay such hourly/half day/full day charges, membership fees and any other applicable fees, of @Home Childcare as shall be notified to and agreed with the client. The hourly charges are calculated according to the number of hours worked by the temporary worker (rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes) and comprise mainly the temporary worker’s pay but also include @Home Childcare’s commission, employer’s National Insurance contributions and any travel, hotel or other expenses as may have been agreed with the client or, if there is no such agreement, such expenses as are reasonable.
  2. The hourly charges are invoiced to the client on a weekly basis, and membership fees as applicable, and are payable within 7 days. @Home Childcare reserves the right to charge a fee in addition to any amounts that are overdue at a rate of 5% of the amount outstanding or £10.00, whichever is the greater, for every 7 days beyond the due date until the date of payment.
  3. The membership fee deposit of £30.00 is non-refundable. The balance of the membership fee, payable after a temporary work has been engaged to an assignment with a client, is non-refundable. 
  4. @Home Childcare reserves the right to charge a fee of 25% of one week’s fees, or the equivalent of 3 hours childcare rates, whichever is the greater, for agreed assignments cancelled by the client within the 2 weeks before the agreed commencement date. @Home Childcare reserves the right to charge in their entirety any individual assignment dates rearranged, where prior notice is not provided to @Home Childcare; or for any individual pre-arranged assignment dates that are subsequently cancelled.
  5. a) The hours of work agreed at the start of an assignment will be classed as the minimum contract hours. These will be confirmed in writing before the start of the assignment where possible. @Home Childcare reserves the right to charge these minimum contract hours as a base rate, should any week of an assignment falls below that minimum (except where the Worker is on sick leave or the client is using previously agreed Holiday Entitlement).
    b) When the hours and days agreed at the start of a Regular or Term-time Assignment need to change, whether occasionally or temporarily, the client must first inform @Home Childcare. Where at least 48 hours notice is not given, @Home Childcare reserves the right to charge at a higher rate.
  6. There is no rebates payable, other than those stated above, in respect of the charges of @Home Childcare.