The benefits of choosing childcare via an Ofsted-registered childminder agency

Choosing the right childcare is something many parents struggle with. With so many options available and so many things to consider, making the right choice is essential.

Time and time again, research has proven that high-quality childcare and early education can have a positive impact on children’s lives. It doesn’t just help to improve their attainment. It brings benefits to their all-round development at such a crucial time in their lives, equipping them with the vital life skills they need to flourish and grow.

Juggling work while raising children can be a challenge, so there are benefits for parents, too. Childcare can give you more time to work, study, volunteer or prepare for employment. If you’re struggling to find the right balance between your career and your family, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, childcare can provide the support you need to juggle your job with your family and enable your children to reach their full potential. But, finding good quality childcare can be a tricky task for many parents, particularly if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

That’s where an Ofsted-registered childminder agency, like @Home Childcare, can help. We’ve built a community of professional home-based childminder early educators who are trusted to provide the very best care and early learning support to the children they work with. We personally recruit, register, support, train, and inspect them on behalf of Ofsted, so you can be sure they work to the highest standards to provide exceptional, quality-assured care to your children.

In case you’re wondering what an Ofsted-registered childminder is, we’ve put together this handy explainer about the benefits of working with one.

What is an Ofsted-registered childminder agency?

Ofsted-registered childminder agencies are ‘one-stop-shop’ organisations that serve two main roles.

Firstly, they help self-employed childminders to grow their home-based businesses with training, business support and advice. They provide a range of services for childminders, including marketing and administrative support, and training and development opportunities to help them raise the quality of their provision. They also inspect childminders on behalf of Ofsted to ensure they provide childcare to the highest quality standards.   

Childminder agencies also provide a valuable service for parents looking for high-quality childcare. Many parents often struggle to find the right local childcare, and childminder agencies play a vital role in matching parents with local childminders that meet their needs. Ofsted-registered childminder agencies have the statutory power to carry out inspections and ensure childminders meet the required legal standards, on behalf of Ofsted. Crucially, agencies inspect their registered childminders annually, in contrast to Ofsted’s six-year cycle for most childcare providers.

This is notable because a child could be in the care of a childminder for several years without ever having an assessment of the quality of early education and care they provide. In such instances, how can parents be sure that the childminder is meeting the early years standards without an inspection?

Ofsted also regulates agencies in a similar way to individual childminders, which ensures that they meet the legal requirements for registration. Parents can check how well the agency is performing, giving confidence and peace of mind. @Home Childcare is an Ofsted-registered childminder agency, and you can review our latest Ofsted report here. We were absolutely thrilled by the findings.

What are the benefits of finding childcare via an Ofsted-registered childminder agency?

The main benefit of finding childcare via an Ofsted-registered childminder agency is peace of mind.

Agencies are legally responsible for ensuring a childminder’s suitability and their capacity to deliver the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). They also support the training and development of childminders, improve the quality of their provision and monitor the standard of care provided by the childminders they register.

This means that, as a parent, you can be sure that a childminder you find through an agency will be working to the highest standards and will give your children an excellent early years’ experience.

At @Home Childcare, we’ve worked hard to build our childminder community and ensure they all deliver quality home-based childcare to help your children thrive. All our registered childminders share our passion for developing positive, enriching, caring relationships with small numbers of children in safe and comfortable home-based settings. It means your child can develop at their own pace by learning while doing what they enjoy –  singing, dancing, reading, laughing, climbing, baking, messy play and outdoor adventures. Some of the other things you and your children will benefit from, include:


Our childminders pack plenty of fun activities into every day to help your children learn and develop through play. These include days out, singing, storytelling, building, painting and games, so whatever your child is interested in, they’ll find something to enjoy.


Caring for children in your own home is a big deal, so we have to ensure only suitable people are up for the job. All our childminders undergo a range of suitability checks and pre-screening including DBS, interviews, observations and health checks. They also have lots of professional training and experience to keep your children safe in their care. They also do regular risk assessments. As an Ofsted-registered childminder agency, we regularly inspect all our childminders to ensure they continue to provide a high-quality service that prioritises children’s safety.


All our registered childminders provide learning experiences in a relaxed and nurturing environment to help the children they care for develop and thrive. They are trained to the highest standards to ensure their activities help improve children’s educational outcomes.


Childminders look after small groups of children of different ages, which provides a great way of helping children to develop the social skills that will serve them well later in life.

Structure and routine

While some activities can be boisterous and noisy, allowing children to develop their personalities, it’s not just a free-for-all. Each day is well-planned and structured to get children used to the routine and discipline they’ll need to meet their development milestones and progress through their education

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